Thursday, March 21, 2013

I love smoking weed

I love smoking weed because it makes me feel at ease and it makes me feel different in a good way. Smoking weed while listening to music is even more wonderful and i love smoking weed while listening to music at times. You might as well call me Spider Man because i'm in love with Mary Jane, she is my one and only. I smoke weed every morning when i wake which we all know as wake and bake, i smoke a joint after every meal and one before i go to bed which makes it obvious that i love smoking weed. I even smoke weed when i have a common cold which does nothing for the high. I love smoking weed with my friends which brings a great vibe for the weed circle, i have a smoking weed circle of up to 15 at times. I want to go to as many countries as possible just to smoke the weed. I am currently located in Jamaica which is the capital of "High Grade", "Ganja", "Marijuana", "Kush", "Chronic", "Weed" or whatever you want to call it. We have some really good weed here which is not produced in the lab but naturally grown from the earth, nothing but purple smoke. I can roll a joint in less than 15 seconds which goes to show that i love my marijuana. This blog is about smoking weed and other elements that are relevant to it, surf and enjoy.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Legalize Weed

Why should we be penalized for a plant that doesn't harm anyone? The only harm it does is to not have it legalized. Smoking weed should be legalized world wide for many reasons, the most being is to boost the world's economy. I'm sure many of us smoke weed for fun but it actually helps to cure brain tumor and balances your nervous system. Marijuana is legalized in the state of California and in it's first year of legalization the state earned a revenue of 30 billion dollars, imagine if all states were to be legalized. Some countries have legalized their weed for medical purposes which is a good thing because you have doctors these days that smoke medical marijuana for many different reasons and the most is to stay clam. Legalize weed and see what a change it will bring to the world.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Smoking Weed and Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking weed and smoking cigarette is much different in terms of the toxic drug and the density of the drug. Smoking a cigarette is ten times more dangerous than smoking weed, smoking weed is also dangerous but not as cigarettes. The statistics frightens specialists. About 6.1 percent of adults smoke marijuana nowadays, whereas the number was smaller in 2009 - 5.2 percent. Marijuana grows in popularity among college students (3.3 percent vs. 2.8 percent in 2009) and 8th graders (1.2 vs. 1 percent in 2009). As for 12th graders, every fifth one of them (21 percent) said that they smoked pot during the recent month, whereas cigarettes are popular with 19 percent of them. Like cigarettes, alcohol loses popularity with American teenagers. Twenty-three percent of the polled students said that they liked drinking alcohol - it became the lowest index since 1975. People still tend to continue smoking weed even though the THC from marijuana destroys the brain cells, smoking weed is dangerous and it can give you lung cancer but the damage that a single cigarette per day can do to you is not heard off. I am pretty sure that people who are smoking weed, their lungs are not 100% cells and tissues but has a little ash into so there is no imagination...