Friday, September 9, 2011

Smoking Weed Everyday

Do you smoke weed everyday? If your answer is yes then you are addicted to marijuana and it can and will cause destruction to your temple. Most weed smokers smoke weed everyday for different purposes, some are medical marijuana users while others just use it for fun. Some medical marijuana users use a vaporizer to consume marijuana, a vaporizer is used to reduce the smoke to a more dense substance where most of the tar from the smoke is vaporized. Smoking weed everyday changes the colour of your lungs, it is natural for the residue of the smoke to be left on your lungs. Have you ever smoked a cigarette and after your through, the end of the cigarette has a brown colour? That is called tar, the residue that is left on your lungs when smoking. If you haven't, next time when you smoke weed use a filter and see how much tar is left on the filter when finished smoking. If that amount of tar is saved from your lungs, imagine the amount of tar that is on your lungs. Remember your lungs collect air, whether it is bad or good. Smoking weed everyday also changes your physical features. You start to look older than you really are, your face always looks drowsy, your teeth, lips and gum changes their colour. Smoking weed everyday and not eating right will surely make you loose weight and the Sclera of your eye will start to look different. If you are a constant pipe or bubbler user then your lungs are definitely filled with tar. Smoking kills but smoking weed is fun...

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