Friday, August 12, 2011

Why do you smoke weed?

Have you ever asked yourself the question why do you smoke weed? People use marijuana for more than one reasons for their own purpose. Some people smoke weed because it helps with their appetite, when you use marijuana; one of the immediate effects that occur is getting hungry, what we called the "munchies". You should eat properly when inhaling cannabis to have an average body weight. Some people smoke weed because of insomnia and the marijuana helps with that type of sickness while others use it for relief of pain in the body and ceizures. Some marijuana buds are doctor recommended which is known as medical marijuana, not saying that you can't smoke it if it is not recommended by a doctor. I smoke weed because of many reasons; i am an addict, it calms me down when i am upset, if i have a plan and i want to think about it thoroughly i use marijuana first, if me and my partner wants to have some good sex we both smoke ganja before the excitement, it is much much better than cocaine, cigarettes, alcohol, x pills combined and basically because i just love weed. Many if not all know that smoking kills but they still enjoy the essence of marijuana. So why do you smoke weed? You can feel free to leave your comments below this post and...

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