Monday, August 8, 2011

B-52 marijuana strain

B-52 is a truly superior Skunk strain. Ideal for the commercial grower, growing some of the very best buds found anywhere. As with certain other Skunk varieties B52 has a very superior sweet taste which is the sativa influence. B-52 is a super fast Skunk strain flowering with giant buds thanks to its big bud mother. B52 produces a cerebral high enjoyed by many connoisseurs of Skunk. This plant is best for a gardener with a few crops under his or her belt. It is especially recommended for the hydro enthusiast, since B-52 gives its best yields in a hydro sea of green. Growing 16 plants per square meter and pruning the plants down to the top and four side branches achieves massive bottle-sized buds. Skunk lovers, especially those who like hydro, will be rewarded with good yields and sweet skunky buds. This is good high for daydreaming, or for dancing to cheerful pop music.
Nirvana's Big Bud has been bred and selected with a priority on maximizing yields, so much so that Big Buds usually need to be staked and tied because of the heavey bud load on their branches. B-52's daddy is a Skunk Special, developed with skunk enthusiasts in mind through an intense refinement of Skunk #1. The aromatic Skunk Special fills the room with sativa pungency. With an equal presence of indica and sativa, B-52 delivers the productivity of Big Bud with the dense aromas and flavorful, mellow high of the skunks.

º Plant height: Medium Plant
º Stoned or high?: Medium Indica/Sativa
º THC level: Medium THC
º Flowering Weeks: 9
º Yield : 600
º Harvest Month: 10


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