Thursday, July 7, 2011

Venus Marijuana Strain

This Venus strain is one of the newer generations in the marijuana world. The plant itself grows quite quickly, offering emerald leaves and plenty of trichomes. Venus is a combination of a consistent, stable Pure Power Plant and a strong Top 44 female that was forced to produce male flowers using giberellic acid. The buds permeate a curious scent, similar to skunk, and produces a good yield at harvest. The high includes both the Sativa and Indica blend, this feminized selection starts slowly then comes on strong with more rapid growth creating big buds. Venus has nice large leaves and a curious aroma. Venus is a new generation Ganja with good yields and a strong high. Venus can handle a very high EC and therefore should be pushed to achieve her full potential. The cured Venus marijuana buds have a curious aroma that is decidedly skunkish, and an agreeable level of potency that reaches both body and mind in a soothing yet wakeful way, this bud is also great for medical usage. Bred with commercial interest in mind, Venus is sure to keep both customers and growers very happy.

Plant height: Medium- Indica/Sativa mix
Stoned or high?: Stoney yet high- Allround Buzz
THC level: Medium 8-15%
Flowering Weeks: 8/9
Yield : 500/600
Harvest Month: 9/10

Venus feminized (10 seeds)

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