Wednesday, July 21, 2010

smoke weed

Smoking weed is not good for your respiratory system, smoking weed is not good for your health and also not good for you mentally. Smoking weed will and can cause your respiratory system to not function well, especially if your asthmatic. When smoking weed it causes you to breath shortly that goes to show you that smoking weed has more than one disadvantages not only to your body but also to your respiratory system. Any one person which is diagnosed with asthma then smoking weed is not for you, but some people are asthmatic and still smoke weed and cigarettes but that is not good. The addiction of smoking weed causes a person to still inhale the bad smoke from it to their lungs. It would be best if you try to quit smoking weed but that would be a hard task. Smoking weed is not for everyone in the sense of how to handle yourself when smoking weed try to control your emotions and thoughts. This might not make sense but it does, when smoking weed you also ought to try doing it by yourself sometimes. The sensation of smoking weed on your own is much different than smoking weed with friends. Survey states that marijuana...

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