Sunday, August 8, 2010

smoking weed

Why is it that when anyone talks about weed, marijuana, ganja, chronic or what ever you call it Jamaica comes to mind first, maybe because of the great Bob Marley. A lot of people in Jamaica do smoke weed including me and believe it or not it is the norm for most people here. It would be easier to be caught smoking weed in Jamaica and not going to jail than any where else, not saying it is legal but the lawmen tend to understand the back ground of our culture. Yes the best weed is in Jamaica, when we have tourists the first thing they ask for at the hotels is weed. 85% of our tourists smoke weed while on vacation in Jamaica, the marijuana is that great. Other than the beautiful beaches, females and our culture the tourists love to come here and enjoy marijuana. There is nothing like being on vacation in Jamaica and smoking weed on the beach, even...

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