Sunday, August 29, 2010

smoking weed

How much money do you spend on marijuana daily? The amount of money you spend on weed daily, you would be surprised to know that you could by a nice vehicle by the end of the year. I spend an average of 1000 Jamaican dollars on weed weekly which is US $12 and that can give me over 30 joints. I know that marijuana is not sold in the same quantity and the amount it costs for in the same region around the world. Thats alot of joints but some people average that number a day. Even though i smoke weed alot i know i am not the only person in the world that does that. My friends also smoke weed and their not much different from me but we do take a break at times. I have been smoking weed for a long time now and the amount of money i spend to smoke weed could have easily bought me a nice house. I know you too have spent alot of money to smoke weed but you still continue smoking weed and...

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