Saturday, September 4, 2010

smoking weed

An overnight joint is the best thing to smoke when you wake up in the morning. When you smoke weed in the night and leave half of the joint for the next day, it is very ease minding. It makes smoking weed feels different, the joint actually tastes different. I have been smoking weed for over 7 years and an overnight joint is still the best thing to smoke. People are smoking weed with other toxic drugs mixed. When i say overnight i mean you start and leave about three quarter's of the joint for the next morning and then smoke it. If you have not tried that as yet then smoking weed is boring for you. lol. When i smoke weed i like to enjoy my joint so i do that at times. The essence of an overnight joint makes me happy so when smoking weed at times i do. We are all aware of the consequences of smoking weed but we still do it but when you smoke weed and...

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