Wednesday, September 8, 2010

smoking weed

There is more to smoking weed than we think, there are two types of marijuana seeds. They say you have a female seed different from the male seed of marijuana, the female seed has a brown color and the male seed has a white color. It is also said that the female seed bares a better quality and the bud is often orange and we still ask why females rule the world. The female seed of marijuana produces a higher quality of THC, so obviously the female seed will get you high as you would say much quicker when you smoke weed. Smoking weed is dangerous and you will hear this all the time, smoking weed is dangerous. When smoking weed the next time just take a look at the seed to see what sex it is. The more you smoke weed the more your memory will get short. Short term memory is different than long term memory and smoking weed acts on short term memory. Smoking weed also gives you cancer, many people know this and still smoke weed. Survey also states that people that have been smoking weed for...

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