Sunday, October 24, 2010

smoking weed

An overnight joint is the best thing to smoke when you wake up, if you have been smoking weed for a long time now then this exercise of smoking weed is natural to you. I have been smoking weed for over 7 years and an overnight joint is still the best thing. When i say overnight i mean you start and leave about three quarter's of the joint for the next morning, smoking weed will feel much better to you. If you have not tried that as yet then smoking weed is boring for you. When people are smoking weed they tend to want to enjoy it so they do it at times. The essence of an overnight joint makes you feel much different and it feel as if it is the first time you are smoking weed. It would be best to start smoking weed at 6 am in the morning, go out in the fresh air and smoke the over night joint. Smoking weed makes you feel...

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