Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to grow marijuana

Today's post about smoking weed is teaching you how to grow marijuana. First things first you should have the seeds, it would be best to grow female plants because they have a higher density of THC. Female seeds produce the best Marijuana buds hands down. The plant has to receive a lot of sunlight and water but mostly sunlight. If you wish to grow it inside then you will need a special high beam light and treat the plant as if your beam light is actually the light coming from the sun, this way the plant will believe that your beam light is actually the light of the sun. In order to do that study the sunset and sunrise for the specific season you wish to grow and give the plant the same amount of light, eg. summer time would be 18 hours of sunlight. Water the plant twice a day, if you do not wish to have seeds in your buds then when the plant reaches its flowering season remove the male plant from the female plant that way it will not produce seeds. Depending on the type of bud it will harvest different. Some buds bloom different from others, some take three to six months while others may take up to nine. When your buds are out pick them and leave it out in the sun for half an hour and then you are ready to smoke weed. Other marijuana buds...

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