Monday, November 29, 2010

How to smoke weed

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Today's post about smoking weed is how to smoke weed. Some people think their smoking weed but their really not, their just puffing. When you put the joint in your mouth and pull it, you should then inhale the smoke into your body. The real essence of smoking weed should be felt by doing that, if not then you are just puffing. There are many ways to smoke ganja such as using a Bong, Paper, Bubbler, Pipe, Blunt etc.22 You want to get high thats why you smoke weed in the first place and in order for you to get high you have to be smoking weed and not puffing it. Many people have been puffing weed and it does not make you high and they class the marijuana bud as low grade, if you are puffing then you are not smoking weed. Many under age children puff and not smoke weed, if you didn't know then now you do that smoking weed is different from puffing it. Keep in mind that...
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