Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Locked up for smoking weed

have you ever been locked up for smoking weed? Where i come from marijuana is illegal and if you get caught with it you will be placed in jail and pay a fine but if you are caught smoking it you will pay a bigger fine. Smoking weed is bad enough but to be placed in jail is even worst. In Jamaica, marijuana is a zero tolerance and i still do not understand why cigarettes and alcohol are legal and there are countless deaths each year caused by these drugs and never a story about marijuana killing someone. This is the time i wish i live in Holland where it is legal in Amsterdam. Marijuana is legal for medical reasons in Amsterdam but it would not hurt to visit the coffee shop and smoke there. If weed was legal in our country then it would definitely give us an economical boost and the best weed is from Jamaica, natural high grade. Many people tend to come to Jamaica to smoke weed because they love the weed and beaches...

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