Friday, May 27, 2011

Addicted to Marijuana

I am addicted to marijuana, i love to consume cannabis. I cant go a day without consuming marijuana into my body. I know it is a bad habbit but i am very stubborn, for me it is not a bad habbit because there a lot of advantages when smoking marijuana. The addiction i have for weed cant compare with other addictions i have. When i wake, sleep, before and after i eat any given meal etc i just have to smoke ganja, cannabis, chronic, weed, marijuana or what ever you may call it these days and yes i know it is not good for my health but i still do it. For those who use marijuana know exactly what i am talking about. Smoking ganja is my habbit, i dont have any other habbits other than biting my nails. My parents are always trying to convince me to stop using marijuana but i am hard eared. Even though i have been to hospitals and see what marijuana will do to me i still by pass that. I have not yet smoked a joint for the entire day and that is not normal for me but i am not upset. You can stop using marijuana if you want to because addiction is just a mind set...

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