Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inhaling marijuana while laying on your back

Inhaling marijuana while laying on your back is uncomfortable and it is not pleasing to the throat. The feeling is almost like when you are sick. If your a real pot head then you know what smoking pot sick feels like, it is nearly similar as if smoking on your back. Your respiratory system flows better when you are sitting up and all tubes and pipes flows free. If you consume marijuana while laying on your back it will make you cough excessively, your throat will feel as if rice grains are in your esophagus and it will surely mess up your high. Smoking is already bad for your lungs, heart and respiratory system so there is no need to inhale cannabis while laying down. Another tip is to make sure the water in your bubbler is always clean. After every load of marijuana used in the bubbler the water should be clean. If you want to try a new way to use your bubbler; you can try gauging the bubbler with a beer instead of water. That exercise will get you really high, it is not a regular habit for me but i try it at times. For all medical marijuana users who use vaporizers should make sure they are clean.

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