Sunday, June 12, 2011

The most efficient way for smoking marijuana

There are many different ways that someone can consume marijuana and it does not matter which method you use you will get high, stoned, baked or what ever you call it. Different people have different ideas or different ways to smoke cannabis. Some people smoke it in a waterfall bong and think its the the strongest and most efficient method of smoking it, while others will smoke it in a blunt, pinch hitter, glass pipe or bubbler or what we call in Jamaica a challis, hookah, home made pipe or bongs, papers, etc. The list will go on because keen research shows that people in the far east still consume marijuana in banana leaves. People in Jamaica smoke it in papers mixed with tobacco which is not a good method because of the mixture with tobacco, we mix the marijuana with tobacco to get a harsh taste in the weed. The best way to consume marijuana is in papers with no mixture, you have to remember that marijuana is a spiritual plant and also a natural herb. Marijuana prevent seizures, pains, great for a person who is insomniac...

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