Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Smoking Master Kush Weed

Smoking Master Kush weed is very good for relaxation of the body, the high is very clear headed and it lasts up to 45 minuets or so then you have about 2 hours of calmness. It is not harsh on the lungs and it gives an all over body buzz that is relaxing but not feeling lazy. First called High-Rise, Master Kush was developed in south Amsterdam. Instantly the coffeeshops fell in love with this special new amazing cannabis bud. Through popular demand, this Hindu Kush/ skunk hybrid was stabilized and marketed. It has been a classic ever since. A strong plant of medium height and bushiness, Master Kush is a heavy producer with soil, hydro, and has great greenhouse results. The earthy smell of Master Kush is strong and the smoke is smooth. This Master piece bud excels under most growing conditions, producing well in indoor and outdoors, the natural herb is very strong smelling with the characteristic kush smell. When grinded or chopped to pieces this smell can easily take over a small room.

Masterkush marijuana seeds (10 seeds)

º Plant height: Medium Plant
º Stoned or high?: Medium Indica/Sativa
º THC level: High THC
º Flowering Weeks: 8/9
º Yield : 500
º Harvest Month: 8/9

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