Saturday, October 22, 2011

Smoking Weed and Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking weed and smoking cigarette is much different in terms of the toxic drug and the density of the drug. Smoking a cigarette is ten times more dangerous than smoking weed, smoking weed is also dangerous but not as cigarettes. The statistics frightens specialists. About 6.1 percent of adults smoke marijuana nowadays, whereas the number was smaller in 2009 - 5.2 percent. Marijuana grows in popularity among college students (3.3 percent vs. 2.8 percent in 2009) and 8th graders (1.2 vs. 1 percent in 2009). As for 12th graders, every fifth one of them (21 percent) said that they smoked pot during the recent month, whereas cigarettes are popular with 19 percent of them. Like cigarettes, alcohol loses popularity with American teenagers. Twenty-three percent of the polled students said that they liked drinking alcohol - it became the lowest index since 1975. People still tend to continue smoking weed even though the THC from marijuana destroys the brain cells, smoking weed is dangerous and it can give you lung cancer but the damage that a single cigarette per day can do to you is not heard off. I am pretty sure that people who are smoking weed, their lungs are not 100% cells and tissues but has a little ash into so there is no imagination...

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