Tuesday, September 21, 2010

smoking weed

Smoking weed against taking extacy pills. Smoking weed is the least of all toxic drugs so obviously it is dangerous than x pills. Doctors and surveys states that marijuana has the lest density of all toxic drugs. Some people prefer to take the pills rather than smoking weed, remember that the makers of the pills can add their own ingredients while marijuana is only consisted of THC. Taking one extacy pill will get you higher than smoking weed, half of an e pill will get you high as 3 joints of smoking weed would do. Both drugs are not healthy for you but yet people still take pills and continue to smoke weed. The effects of both are different because marijuana can be used as a medicine, when smoking weed you feel relaxed rather than upbeat. Many people have been smoking weed because of relaxation, when you smoke weed it can change your mood swing. Doctors say smoking weed is also good for...

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