Wednesday, September 22, 2010

smoking weed

Today the post about smoking weed is that it is not healthy for your body. People have been smoking weed for centuries now but its not that it is healthy its just that smoking weed is very hard to stop. People smoke weed for various reasons such as sex, to get an adrenalin rush, to be calm or to feel relaxed etc. Keep in mind that smoking weed has two effects and it is not only bad for your health, smoking weed can be used to cure seizures and pains. Yes marijuana is also used as a medicine, in Amsterdam they have a legal weed shop where people are smoking weed. The disadvantage that smoking weed causes to your body is bad breath, bad respiratory system, lung cancer, short term memory and the list can go on. To stay healthy, do not start smoking weed and if you have already started then try to quit or even give it a break. Smoking weed is also good for brain tumor and even...

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