Thursday, November 18, 2010

Smoking Weed with asthma

If you are asthmatic or have sinus problems then you should not be smoking weed or continue to cut down from smoking weed. Smoking weed can cause your asthma to act up on you and not to mention your sinus, the smoke from the marijuana would penetrate on your lungs and if there is too much tobacco in the weed it could be worst. If you smoke weed with sinus then your nose will feel different while smoking weed, you might not notice now because you are in too deep with smoking weed. Your nose bone will hurt you indefinitely if you smoke weed while your sinus is acting up and it is not a good feeling. If your asthmatic and you smoke weed then you are committing suicide. Remember that smoking weed is not good for the lungs, the smoke from smoking weed slowly kills you...

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