Friday, November 19, 2010

How to roll a joint

Do you know how to roll your own joint or know what the art of rolling is? This exercise would be better to explain if i had a video to show you, most people who invite the THC from marijuana in their brain cells cannot roll a joint. To roll a joint is easy, just place the weed in the paper or what ever you roll it in and gently roll the weed in the shape you desire but be very careful because the shape is easily formed and the paper might tear. Make sure your hands are not sweaty, leave a tiny space at the end for a funnel and make sure you roll it gently and then the rest is yours. The Art of smoking weed comes along with the Art of rolling, it would be dumb and pointless you enjoy marijuana but can't roll your own joint. You feel comfortable smoking marijuana so you should feel comfortable rolling your own joint without asking anyone. It is very embarrassing not to know how to roll your own joint, just imagine entering a weed session and everyone around you knows how to roll their own joint except for you. If this is not enough info then just write me a post and i will reply...

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