Saturday, November 20, 2010

Natural basic instinct

Another basic instinct from smoking weed. Ever wanted to smoke weed really bad, so bad that you never had time to roll a joint for the entire day? Smoking weed is a spiritual meditation for the mind so if something is wrong with what you are smoking then you will have negative thoughts. For eg. your addicted to smoking weed but you haven't had a joint for the entire day and you finally roll your first joint but for some strange reason it does not taste as it would use to. If you use tobacco when smoking weed, probably there is too much tobacco or no tobacco at all and it gives a bad taste to your mouth and your meditation is spoiled because you want to relax when smoking weed. Smoking weed will put you in a trance after a couple puffs, you start to have a lot of ideas, all your ideas are the best to you and you start thinking out of this world. All i am saying is smoking weed is a spiritual meditation for the mind so have good emotions when smoking weed. It's easy to not smoke weed and...

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