Friday, December 17, 2010

How to use Marijuana

Many people around the world enjoy marijuana, smoking weed is done mostly by the united states of America and Canada. There are many different types of ways to inhale marijuana. Some people smoke weed in a pipe, hookah or what we call in Jamaica a challis and others roll it in a paper or blunt leaves and smoke it as a cigarette. Marijuana can be used in foods and also tea. The tea is mixed easily, just broil the water, place the leaf in the water and then add sugar, the tea is good for your health better than smoking it because it prevents head aches, seizures and brain tumor. Marijuana is also used in cakes and weed cakes are easily made also. After applying all the recipes to make the cake just greater the bud in the mixture and put it to bake, the recipe would be from a Christmas cake. A weed cake is more likely to get you high quicker than the joint would because of the amount of buds that would be used in the cake. Smoking also affects the brain, even though Marijuana is used as a herbal medicine in some countries: smoking on a hold will damage your lungs. The THC from the marijuana acts on a certain part of your brain called Cannabinoid receptors. When you inhale marijuana the THC tends to do its work and then you feel high. Many people also tend to abuse the leaf...

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