Saturday, December 18, 2010

Preserving your weed

Do you know how to preserve your weed and make it last longer than you though it would? If you are addicted to marijuana and you want to slow it down the best way to start is by butting your joint after every three to four puffs. If the THC level is high in your marijuana bud what your smoking then this task should be very easy, all you have to do is out the spliff after three to four puffs and thats one way to preserve it. If you do not have high grade then you will smoke joint after joint. By butting your spliff after every four puffs your joint will last longer rather than just five minutes and trust me it really works. You would be very surprised to know how long the joint lasted for you. Another thing that a weed man/woman should know is that your weed should not be exposed to air. Find or make a special container to stash your weed in because marijuana that receives atmosphere becomes dry quickly. When your marijuana bud is dry it is like dry leaves which is not good for the brain. Your weed container should be closed at all times to keep it preserved or you can place it in a zip lock bag but make sure the bag has no holes. Learn to take care of...

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