Sunday, December 19, 2010

Legalize Marijuana

This post today is to all mankind around the world, all the leaders and the children of tomorow. Marijuana should be legalized world wide even though it already is in some countries and in the state of California in America. In California you have to possess a prescription for your medical marijuana and that is not legal for me. In Jamaica it would definitely give a big boost in our economy and lower our crime rate, it would let most people have a job. They say the best marijuana buds come from Africa and Jamaica so that definitely means our country would be of more value rather than just beaches and hot girls. Even Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus had to take puffs from the leaf of life despite they are still teenagers. I still dont understand why cigarette and alcohol are legal and they cause more harm to your body than marijuana. Cigarettes and Alcohol causes countless deaths per year and there has been no death caused by marijuana in history. Some rehab patients go to rehabilitation because of them being alcoholic, being a crack head and people die from nicotine but never from marijuana. Marijuana should be leagal worldwide and not cigarettes...

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