Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What is the best marijuana bud have you smoked?

What is the best Marijuana bud have you ever smoked? There are many different types of marijuana buds used in the world today but not all are of high THC. Smoking weed should be done for relaxation and medical purposes and the buds with the highest THC are the best for these reasons. Marijuana buds such as Jack Horror, Swiss Cheese, Chrystal, A-K 48, White Widow and all other feminine buds give the best buds to smoke weed. Some people have a specific bud that they prefer and stick to but i like to explore and see what other great buds God placed on the earth. There are some buds that are literally bush and grass weed. Some has too many seeds, others look like they have been in water for days and then put to dry in the sun and there are some that just look like sticks with little leaves on them. I am sure you have a...

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