Thursday, December 2, 2010

Celebrities smoke weed

A lot of celebrities smoke weed and they love it. They smoke it for various reasons and mainly to get the high feeling. Former singer from The Mamas & The Papas Michelle Phillips said "Marijuana should definitely be legalized. I think we should let everyone smoke it without fear of being thrown in jail. It's the greatest drug in the world!". I am not saying celebrities aren't suppose to smoke weed I am just saying smoking weed is done by all mankind who chooses to do it and most if not all enjoy doing it. Marijuana is the most known leaf to man and their buds are even more popular than the celebrities. Even Justin Beiber couldn't help but to have a little draw of Master Kush or Swiss Cheese to see what it's like for himself to get high. It is easy to be addicted to marijuana so you can't blame celebrities for smoking marijuana. Smoking weed is a passion for most and sometimes...

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