Saturday, January 8, 2011

A New Year

It is the start of a new year and i still inhale marijuana and the amount of marijuana i have consumed over the holidays is more than quarter of a pound. It is very hard hard to stop because i am addicted. Addicted to the smell, the look, the tricks i can do and a lot more to it. For some it is a joke but for me Marijuana is a spiritual plant and it is good for meditation along with other medical purposes. Weed is being used around the world for medical and abusive purposes, whether it be your selling or buying it. The best marijuana bud i had last year is the Mangonani found in Jamaica, it was given that name because it smells exactly like the fruit (Mango). It has an orange dark brownish color, very puffy, smells really good and it has a great taste. It looks a lot like the Swiss Cheese bud but tastes different. Swiss Cheese marijuana seeds (10 seeds). For the rest of the year moving forward i would love to enjoy a lot more of those buds and other types. I would love to grow my own weed but in my neighbor hood it cant be done. Try different buds this year and make sure to...

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