Thursday, March 3, 2011


Smoking weed is fun for me. I love to explore the great experiences of feeling "high" from different marijuana buds. 90% of the population in Jamaica uses marijuana and mostly for fun. The growth of the use of marijuana has drastically increased over the past few years and will continue to do so. The new trend right now is to grow marijuana seeds on your own but that can be hard if you do not know how to grow your marijuana. It can be grown indoor or outdoor, you just have to take care of it. It is not hard plant to grow and treat, just take care of your plant and it will take care of you. Cannabis was first smoked by the Asians in the eighteenth century and when they discovered what the THC done to them, it became the leaf of life for them and the rest of the human race. It is used for various reasons and it is very good for mental health, spiritual behavior, fear of nothing, great sex etc... I can't remember when was the last time i had a cold or the flu and i have been inhaling marijuana for a long time now. There are disadvantages when you smoke weed and the effects are atrocious...

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