Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Immune to Smoking Marijuana

Do you think you can get high like the first few times you smoked weed? It is impossible to gain that momentum if you have been smoking weed constantly for over six months. The feeling is hard to experience when you are smoking marijuana constantly, your receptors, brain cells and even eyes are very immune to marijuana that you didnt even see the change coming. If you want to get the same high as when you started then you would have to perform something really special or try a different kind of marijuana bud that has the highest level of THC possible but that still would not work because your body is totally immune to marijuana, especially if you are addicted to it. The only effect that stays the same is that your eyes still get red but the pace of your heart does not change, dry throat does not occur and constant laughing stops when you are immune to marijuana. Cannabis can be very...

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