Monday, March 14, 2011

Ganja Tea

Ganja tea is easy to mix and even though it does not make you feel high it is good for head aches and your digestive system. The reason for the tea not making you feel high is because the THC in marijuana is not water soluble so therefore you would not broil the bud but the leaf. Just broil the water, add the marijuana leaf and not the bud and then add sugar. Drinking ganja tea is good for gastritis or preventing it for the sake. There are many experiences a pot head would try with marijuana, for eg: sprinkling the marijuana bud with alcohol and then smoking it. Remember that marijuana already has THC which is a strong substance and adding alcohol to it would be like adding alcohol to a fresh cut. The best way to enjoy your marijuana is by smoking it, smoking kills and smoking weed is enjoyable. Keep a healthy body by drinking ganja tea every morning and...

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