Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Economic, Social, Medical and Scientific reasons for Marijuana to be legalized.

California earned over 36 billion dollars in one year from medical marijuana which is a good economical reason for the plant to be legalized so just imagine if it was legal in all sates. The medical reason is already plain which is because marijuana relaxes your mind, nerves and it prevents a head ache before it even starts. The social reason would be because people who smoke weed would be free to smoke being that it is legal. Crime rate would definitely decrease because of all the money marijuana is circulating. The scientific reason would be pointless because marijuana is a natural drug. Marijuana is not illegal in all countries but the countries that the plant is outlawed in is because of many reasons. Some of these are because there were complaints that marijuana was being used by Hispanic, Black, The Philippines and Entertainers. It was said that Entertainers satanic music results from marijuana and white women seek sexual intercourse when they....

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