Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why Marijuana became illegal in the U.S

Marijuana became illegal in the 1930's because of many reasons. It was said that marijuana was used by black, hispanic, phillipines, entertainers and white women. It was said that the entertainers satanic music came from the use of marijuana and that white women would seek sexual intercourse with black men after the white women use marijuana. The plant basically got out of hand in the 1930's and the government could not control it. The increase of crime rate was blamed on the use of marijuana. Another reason why marijuana is illegal in America is because the plant would run other drugs out of business such as alcohol. The main reason for marijuana being banned is economic. Smoking weed is illegal but cigarettes are not. There are many deaths recorded for overdose of alcohol or cancer from nicotine which is in a cigarette and no deaths for marijuana but they still ban it. Marijuana has more advantages...

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