Friday, May 20, 2011

I smoke weed

I am in love with marijuana, the smell, the taste, the sense of humour it gives you and i could go on and on. I smoke weed very very often and i cant help it, well atleast i dont try to fight the crave for marijuana. I wonder a lot if there are other people in the world who loves marijuana like me but that would be a stupid question. This blog is about smoking weed and all that comes with it so feel free to ask questions and leave comments. The funny thing is i have not yet had my first joint of the day but i am looking forward to get baked. When i say i love marijuana i mean i love marijuana, i really think i smoke weed often than any other weed head in the world i guess thats why i have this blog. I also use marijuana for tea sometimes because it is good for ceizures and head aches, the plant can also be baked in cakes. I smoke weed every morining when i wake up, before and after every meal, when i am going to bed, before i have sex and even when i...

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