Saturday, May 14, 2011

True facts about Marijuana

The true facts about smoking weed are as follows. It is very addictive once you start using it and that is for sure how ever you can stop if you want. People tend to abuse marijuana for various reasons, some people don't mind smoking for the entire day, as from early as dusk to as late till dawn. People who use marijuana often smokes before and after every meal, the crave for the plant is unstoppable once you start using it and that is where the abusive behavior for the plant starts. Making life from all the happenings of marijuana is abusing it. For example smoking weed every day and that is not good, smoking kills but marijuana is great. The THC in the marijuana damages certain parts of your brain which causes short term memory. Another true fact is that you can't smoke the plant when you are sick. The true effects felt from THC is when THC is heated so therefore marijuana should not be ate only if baked or broiled. The plant would definitely benefit our...

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